Joseph Maes: Souvenirs Du Congo 12 Detachable Postcards ERN THILL BRUXELLES


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Data sheet

Height ~ 9 cm
Width ~ 14 cm
Type Vintage Set Of Postcards
Origin Belgium

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original item - no reprint!

rare complete paperback with 12 detachable postcards showing great photographies of joseph maes' expeditions in the congo around 1900-1910...

kijkjes uit congo

this is series n° 5

published by: ern thill, bruxelles


on the back of the paperback is a description of the museum of the belgian congo, antwerp - belgium (3 languages)

on back of postcard is written:'document musée congo - photo expedition maes + publisher and information on photos

condition: paperback sleeve is in very good conditon..all postcards are in excellent conditon...very rare item in beautiful condition..please also relate to scans and photos of postcards (note I took photos of the postcard to not bend the paperback..the photos show slight yellowing due to the artifical light I had to use..)

size: ~ 9 x 14 cm (1 cm ~ 0.39 inch)

note: only a selection of 5 postcards are shown...there are 7 more beautiful postcards!

ethnological, ethnic, africa, belgian congo, tribal scars, historical, kundu, lokoro, chef insociable du lac leopold, femme bsongo, village batitu, yaelima, basakata