African Girl Headcarrying Firewood (Vintage Sepia Photo B/W ~1920s/1930s)


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Data sheet

Height ~ 12 cm
Width ~ 9 cm
Type Real Photo
Year ~ 1920s/1930s
Origin Africa

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original vintage sepia photo - no reprint!

young african woman carries firewood on her head and has something on her back, possibly a backpack like water bag

possibly from congo as the photo stems from a collection of photos wich contained lots of pictures from the belgian colonial time...

date: most likely from sometime in the 1920s/1930s

size: ~ 12 x 9 cm (1 cm ~ 0.39 inch)

condition: excellent...please also refer to scans wich show complete front & backside of photo

historical, ethnological, ethnic, africa, traditional, culture