Pierre Petit: Captian, Piskouna & Kid - Kawésqar / Human Zoo (Vintage Photo ~1880s)

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original vintage real photos - no reprint!


photographer: pierre petit

photos taken at the jardin zoologique d'acclimation in paris - france 1881

these photos show 3 of 11 kawésqar indians (fuegins) who have been caught by carl hagenbeck in fire land (magellanica), and who than been brought to europe to be exhibited at the so called 'human zoos', a very cruel and unhuman part of our history...

size of the entire cardboard: ~ 12.5 x 18.2 cm (1 cm ~ 0.39 inch)

size of single photos: ~ 10.5 x 7 cm

matte paper

condition: good...creases and tears on cardboard....some paper bits stuck on right photo..stains..pencil drawing on back...please also refer to scans which show complete front and backside of photo

photography, fotografie, foto, frankreich, francia, indigenous, exhibition, alacalufe, kweskar, halakwulup, patagonia, fuegiens

Data sheet

~ 13 cm
~ 18 cm
Vintage Real Photo
~ 1880s