A.R.P. De Lord: Camel Family - Fishing Boat - Zanzibar / Tanzania (Vintage Photo ~1920s/1930s)


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Ficha técnica

Altura ~ 7.5 cm
Anchura ~ 10.2 cm
Profundidad Vintage Real Photo
Peso ~ 1920/1930s
Composición Africa

Más información

original vintage photo - no reprint!

photo shows a group of native tanzanians at some sort of celebration...lots of women with spectacular headdresses and traditional face painting

photographer: pereira de lord -> stamped on back: a.r.p de lord, zanzibar

date:~ 1920s/1930s

size: ~ 7.5 x 10.2 cm (1 cm ~ 0.39 inch)

condition: very good..please also refer to scans wich show complete front & backside of photo

british protectorate, british empire, sansibar, tansania, colonial time, east africa, coast, beach, houses